Join the #Amazon4Good Twitter Party with Esca Bona

Whole Foods Market's food prices just got more affordable, thanks to bold pricing moves by the company's new owner, Amazon. It's a great step toward making healthy food more affordable, and we believe it's just the beginning of the positive impact Amazon can have in ensuring that everyone has better access to healthy food and [...]

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Second Largest Grocery Store in U.S. Received “F” Rating For Not Protecting Customers From Toxins

Albertsons, the second largest grocery store chain in the United States, received an "F" rating on protecting their customers from toxic chemicals and having a safer chemicals policy. This means Albertsons and affiliated companies are doing a really poor job of protecting the public. Not only did they fail, but some of their private label [...]

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Trouble for Monsanto: Official Carcinogenic Listing in California Marks Milestone in Glyphosate Debate

Post Originally Published on Environmental Health News. Written by Carey Gillam, a veteran journalist who specializes in coverage of food, agriculture and environmental issues. Carey is currently the Research Director at U.S. Right to Know. California’s official listing today of the world’s most widely used weed killer as a known carcinogen marks a milestone in [...]

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#HealthyFood4All Twitter Party Supporting Online Food Stamps

It's something that's completely fallen through the cracks of modern society -- get this: In 2016, food stamps still can't be used to make online food purchases. We can go online and buy almost ANYTHING. You name it, you can get it. So why are 46.5 million people who depend on food stamps stuck in the stone age? [...]

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Online Food Stamps Improve Access to Healthy Food–SIGN THIS PETITION

Food stamps are a touchy subject, but for 46.5 million Americans, most of whom have a child, an elderly parent or disabled person in the family, they are a necessity. When you understand that most of us are all one major sickness away from being bankrupt, it puts things into better perspective regarding how easy [...]

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McDonald’s Pulls School Outreach From Public Outrage After Blogger Breaks Story

Public outrage in schools over nutrition because one blogger you don't upset is Bettina Siegel. She's awesome...and an attorney by trade. Bettina is the creator of the blog The Lunch Tray, which focuses on “kids and food, in school and out." And as of recently, she's been quite a thorn in the side of McDonalds. [...]

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Nanoparticles in Baby Formula Facebook Party with Friends of the Earth

We live in a world where technology is quickly advancing. With fast growth, we sometimes forget that there may be dangers or consequences associated with this. Nanotechnology, for example, takes things and makes them very small. This has led to more invisible sunscreens, creamy donut fillings, and other applications that sound great for modern life. [...]

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Concerned Moms: Nanoparticles in Baby Formula

Okay, so chances are you clicked on this article because you were thinking "what the hell is are nanoparticles and why are they in baby formula?" Well, I'm going to tell you, and give you all the info from a report just released by Friends of the Earth that tested six major formula brands. What is Nanotechnology [...]

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Why All Moms Need to Watch Consumed

There's something about being a mother that boosts that womanly intuition we all have. That mama-bear protective mode that we go into when we are worried about the health and safety of our children. It seems a worried mother can accomplish anything, and the lead character in the film CONSUMED shows just that. The movie centers around [...]

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Why A McTeacher Night Does More Harm Than Good

McDonald's has been heavily criticized for not only it's unhealthy food choices, but also it's questionable marketing tactics. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're at it again with a nationwide event called McTeacher's Night. What is a McTeacher Night? On McTeacher’s Nights, McDonald’s brings the schools into their restaurants for a change. [...]

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