2 Week Challenge Campaign 9 Wrap-up

My apologies for the delay in this post – a certain cute and cuddly little guy has been keeping us very busy plus we had this small event called “Fitcation” . . .

There is nothing quite like a mid-summer 2 week challenge to get you sweating.

We had 64 people sign up for this challenge and 28 people finish. Participants lost a total of 64 pounds and 51 inches bringing the cumulative loss over nine campaigns to 798 pounds and 583 inches!


Here are the winners of the 9th Mamavation 2 week challenge:

Grand Prize: @notimemom

Runner-Up: @donnachaffins

Runner-Up: @wa_tracy

Winners please contact @momma_oz  to claim your prize within 5 days of notification


The next 2 Week Challenge will start September 3rd. The post will be up soon.


Last but certainly not least, here are the individuals that completed the 9th Mamavation 2 week challenge:






























Dad to 3 boys. Husband to 1 redhead. Chicago Native. Lost 35 pounds. Fitness Trainer for #Mamavation - over 3000 pounds lost so far.


  1. So excited to be a runner up! And also, that is one cute kiddo!

  2. AWEsome! I never win anything, so I’m shocked. lol I’m thrilled to be a runner-up!

  3. Congrats ladies!!

  4. Congrats winners!


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