Kingdom Cheddar Blogger Search & Trip to English Organic Dairy Farms


Win An All Expenses Paid Trip to England Would you enjoy touring organic dairy farms in the South West of England, the birthplace of cheddar cheese? Would you like to spend some time exploring the countryside of England and seeing the major sites of London all expenses paid?  Read on for the opportunity of a lifetime... What Makes Kingdom Cheddar … [Read more...]

Learn How to Detox Your Nutrition with Mamavation Experts


Last Monday night during our Twitter party, we learned that our newest Mamavation Moms are Dee, Elizabeth, and Toni. This past week, our three moms have started their journey to detoxify their lives through what they eat, how they move, and what products they use in their houses. Their first week involved talking to our Dietician, Corrine Dobbas, … [Read more...]

Homegrown Thanksgiving: Local Foods for the Holidays

jennifer sazza google event imageFB

Last week on Mamavation TV, we chatted with Christy Wilhelmi of and learned some awesome tips and tricks for gardening in the Fall - whether you're preparing your beds or next year or getting in some good cool season crops if your climate is right for it. If you didn't catch the show last week, we encourage you to check out the … [Read more...]

Urban Farming and Sustainability with Greg Peterson

Urban Farming and Sustainability

Last week, despite a myriad of crazy occurrences, we still managed to learn a great deal about Magnesium and how it is beneficial to our health from our very own Mamavation Sista Jasmine of Part of the reason that so many of us are deficient in magnesium is because of the current farming practices that strip the nutrients out of … [Read more...]

Magnesium: A Secret Weapon to Upgrade Your Health

Magnesium: A Secret Weapon to Upgrade Your Health

Dr. Kathy Gruver is one of our favorite guests on Mamavation TV - and I'm sure if you saw the show last week, you know why! In case you missed it though, you can still catch the awesome show here on our post about it. This week we are talking with another highly qualified professional - Dr. Carolyn Dean - who will talk to us about how Magnesium is … [Read more...]

Total Health: Every Day Issues Through the Eyes of Natural Health

Total Health: Every Day Issues graphic

Last week on Mamavation TV, we were joined by Danika Carter who taught us all about the truth behind the pink we see in the month of October. If you missed the show, click here to check out our post about it and watch the video. This week we are bringing back Dr. Kathy Gruver who talked to us about alternative healing this past Spring - we loved … [Read more...]

Label GMOs Blogging Carnival for Washington State #Yeson522

GMO Labeling

The citizens of Washington State will be voting on an initiative on whether or not they want GMOs labeled in November. Washington State is now my hero. This is round two for labeling. Last year, Californians were encouraged to vote against their own interests when the biotech opposition misrepresented the facts about our initiative scaring … [Read more...]

Mamavation Monday – Alternative Healing with Dr. Kathy Gruver

Dr. Kathy Gruver

You might notice a few changes around Mamavation right now - we're working to simplify the experience of all our community members. One of the changes is that we are posting the information about Monday's show the week BEFORE the show. Giveaways are no longer tied to the blogging carnival, so you are NOT required to add a disclosure to your post. … [Read more...]

Mamavation 5k – June 8th-9th


As we wrap-up another Mamavation campaign it's time to celebrate with a 5k!! Do you need to get into shape? Do you need a challenge to motivate yourself? OR do you love running and would like to join in with us? Join the Mamavation Community and run/walk another 5K on June 8th or June 9th, 2013! How do I join in? It's simple really. You … [Read more...]

To Breastfeed or Formula Feed When Baby has Allergies

Neocate GMO Free Amino Acid Baby Formula

This ain't my first to speak. I've had 3 children so far. I've breastfeed 3 children. Breastfeeding was difficult with my first two because I would always crack and bleed. Hey, don't forget I"m a redhead. But with this baby, breastfeeding was very easy. Him and I were an effortless team from the very beginning. My past experiences … [Read more...]

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